Libraries/Laboratories :

The SPT Science Lab constructed 20 years ago has now become dilapidated and it requires immediate renovation. The school has now only been endowed with a Library constructed under the scheme of RMSA. It has only 200 books.

Conference hall/Auditorium
Unluckily, the school does not have full-fledged auditorium. A SPT building having the measurement of 28.47x7.35 is being used for the purpose.
Dress code/uniform:
School uniform: - This school has been prescribing the school uniform prescribed by the Directorate
of Education , Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh:
Boys for summer: - Navy blue long pant and full white shirt , sky blue neck-tie and black shoe with white socks for class VI to XII student
For winter: Meroon colour sweater.
Girls for summer: Salwar Navy blue, Kurta with sky blue chunni and black shoe with white socks.
For winter: Meroon colour sweeter
The school has two girl hostel building having the capacity of twenty-twenty seats and has 60 bedded boys hostel.
Sports & Games:
Though there is no PET has been posted to this school, students of this school are interested in playing football, volleyball, cricket and such others.
Co-Curricular Activities
Dances, debates, extempore speech, seminar, symposium, essay writing and Quiz competition are done on important occasion.



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Students are asked to prepare for their end exam.

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