Rules and Regulations:

Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Mariyang has been strictly adherent to the following rules and regulation and these will remain mandatory for all the students and the staff.

  • All the IV Grade staff should reach the school by 830 hours.
  • Warning bell - 0900 Hours.
  • All the staff and students should reach the school by 900 hours. One who comes late will not be allowed without the permission from Principal.
  • Prayer bell 9.15 Hours.
  • Class starting: 930 Hours.
  • All the pupils should take active parts in co-curricular activities like NCC, Scout/Guide, Literary programs, and Games & Sport etc.
  • Selected students seeing his/her ability for an event must compulsorily to participate.
  • All the pupils must come to school and remain with full school uniform else no one will be allowed to enter the class room.
  • All the pupil should remain present in all the classes. Absence from the school and class must be supported by an application written by the parent not by the teacher.
  • Student remaining absent in the examination will be treated failed.
  • There should be cordial relation between the teachers and the students and teacher should always remain the guide, friend, parents and philosopher of the student and the school.
  • The approved hair style of boy is crew-cut and that of girl is the bob-cut or pony style and every student should comply with it.
  • All the staff must identify one and each other and must be aware of the nature of the job for which he/she is being posted.
No student will be allowed to:
  • Use/posses Mobile phones and weapons
  • Wear any kind of costly chains, rings, beads and bangles
  • Use tiranga, gutka, bidi, pan and such narcotic stuff
  • Use hair color and hair dying
  • Engage any teacher as tutor
  • To write, scribble or splash ink on the school and the compound walls.

Actions / punishment for the defaulters:

A disciplinary action would be initiated against the defaulting students. The Discipline Committee of the school headed by the Principal will be final authority for any kind of such action which may inflict/impose the punishment whichever deems fit for a defaulter and for a major case it may amount to dismiss of a student from school.

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Students are asked to prepare for their end exam.

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