The School

The school is endowed with the following facilities:-

  • Classroom:- Presently, the school has 514 students from class VI to XII and for them class rooms are sufficient .But in case of getting sanction from the Govt. for creation of sections in classes, there will be shortage of class rooms.
  • School furniture:- Somehow furniture has been managed from the school fund and the school grants received from SSA & RMSA and thus there is no shortage of it.
  • Hostel: - There are 40 bedded girl hostel and 60 bedded boy hostel in the school.
  • Laboratory: - The laboratory of the school constructed thirty years ago has now become dilapidated which need renovation. But a small size Integrated Laboratory has been constructed under RMSA.
  • Auditorium: - There has been no full-fledged school auditorium in this school.
    A SPT building having the measurement of length= 18.47 mtrs and breadth= 7.35 mtrs is being used for the purpose without necessary facilities.
Parent and teacher association or school management:
The Chairman and the members of the school management board are being selected on the basis of guide-line issued by the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh.

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Students are asked to prepare for their end exam.

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